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Yves Saint Laurent Paris A/W 2011

Acne Paris A/W 2011

Vivienne Westwood Milan A/W 2011

It would seem that the a/w 2011 man is most definitely debonair, with an penchant for sharp, close-tailored suits worn with a turtle neck casual garments.  


Vivienne Westwood, Yves Saint Laurent and Acne have all included a series of turtlenecks in their collections. Yves Saint Laurent favoured thin cut turtlenecks in citrus colours, notably bright apple green, zingy orange and fluro yellow.


Acne opted for subtle blacks and burgundy worn with matching cardigans still concentrating on clever layering. Acne styled their turtlenecks alongside trousers in standout colours in lagoon blues and turquoise.


Whereas Westwood flirted with the roaring 20's, sending models down the catwalk with flapper curls, combining dandy suits with thick patterned turtlenecks.


The turtleneck when worn with a tailored suit can conjure up ideas of grandeur. It's the idea of smoking a pipe whilst sitting next an open fire in the midst of a cold winter that's most appealing.


The key to wearing a turtle neck and not feeling like a pillock, is to wear it with slim cut garments, to bring emphasis to the Silhouette. Yves Saint Laurent do it best, combining vibrant coloured turtlenecks with minimal suits in subtle colour tones worn with Chelsea boots.


I of course, am still on a budget, but can definitely see myself tapping into this style of an autumn's eve from vintage stores, eBay and even my granddads wardrobe.


Writtem by Lee Hooper


Photographs style.com and Vivienne Westwood

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